About us

We are an online news portal ““Shree Manglam Live” with Live Streaming features presenting content in both Hindi and English, which are meaningful, factual, multi-dimensional, neutral, interactive, engaging and impact to the audience.

Shree Manglam Live” stands for “Global, Logical, Impactful, Bold & Simple.”

The target audience would interact with the brand via an online portal to begin with. Later on, it would be approached through print and broadcast channels.

The content will be selected to match the target audience’s preferences. The website and content design will be engaging and appealing. In addition, it shall be shareable over other social media platforms for its viewers.

The brand offering is unique, innovative and technology-based. It disrupts the traditionally existing media ecosystem, which is perceived as biased, commercially-driven, hypo critic, manipulative and unethical. Also, traditional media fails to respect the global citizens of the day, who not only want to consume meaningful and factual news but also strive to be a catalyst and thus driver of social good. Unlike such traditional media, which seems to serve its own narrow interests more aggressively than actually presenting news, ““Shree Manglam Live” strives to generate a more mature, discerning, conscientious and caring citizen, who drive probity and fairness in all public and private dealings.

“Shree Manglam Live” aims to provide an in depth understanding of an issue put in the right context to help the audience develop a logical and factual approach to any specific issue. This shall be achieved by performing a detailed qualitative and quantitative analysis of the matter by taking the perspective of the people involved in the news coupled with an analysis provided by experts related to the field of study. In addition, the brand would present a clear view of how the news is being received across various audience segments through the generation of polls, scanning of social media platforms, analysis of web content etc.

The contact experience would make the reader feel more enlightened and engaged and inspire its readers to be more heroic, contributor and impact as a global citizen. The brand would thus be ultimately seen as a driver of social change.

वरुण धवन की ‘स्ट्रीट डांसर 3D’ का पोस्टर आया सामने, इस दिन रिलीज होगा ट्रेलर     |     नागर‍िक संशोधन ब‍िल के ख‍िलाफ प्रदर्शन, गुवाहाटी में आईएसएल मैच स्थगित     |     भारत की इमरान खान को नसीहत, कहा- हमारे आंतरिक मामलों में दखलंदाजी न करें     |     Delhi Nirbhaya case: चारों दोषियों को होने लगा है फांसी की तारीख नजदीक होने का अहसास     |     Ayodhya Case: सभी पुनर्विचार याचिकाएं खारिज, दोबारा नहीं खुलेगा मामला     |     नर्मदा परिक्रमा की पूर्णिता पर भंड़ारा     |     शराबी युवक ने राह चलती युवतियों से की छेड़छाड़, गुस्साई युवतियों ने चप्पल से की जमकर धुनाई     |     शादी में लाखों रुपए खर्च करने वाले लोगों के लिए मिसाल बनी ये शादी, चंद मिनटों में बन गए पति-पत्नी     |     मांडू में गरजे शिवराज, बोले- गठबंधन वाली सरकारें कभी देश का भला नहीं कर सकती     |     प्रहलाद लोधी की सदस्यता को लेकर बोले गोपाल भार्गव- लोकतंत्र की जीत हुई है अंत भला तो सब भला     |